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plumbing construction

As a full service contractor, Queen City Mechanicals is able to offer a broad range of plumbing services to the public market within the greater Cincinnati region. Our dedicated team of management staff and union trade craftsmen will ensure that your project is professionally constructed from inception to completion.

Exterior Services

Queen City Mechanicals has the ability to provide a complete installation of underground utility services including storm water, sanitary sewer, domestic water, fire water and natural gas installations.

Plumbing Service

At Queen City Mechanicals we understand plumbing systems require maintenance and sometimes go awry at the least opportune occasion. For that reason, we not only offer plumbing construction but also plumbing service and maintenance, including emergency service, for all of our residential and commercial clients within the Greater Cincinnati area. Our service department operates under the name Blue Chip Plumbing, which is a division of Queen City Mechanicals. To see a list of services and for further information, click on the link to learn more about Blue Chip Plumbing.

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backflow preventers

Queen City Mechanicals offers backflow testing within the State of Ohio via one of our certified plumbers licensed by the State of Ohio. Our services include testing, re-building of defective devices, replacements and new installations.


At Queen City Mechanicals, we believe plumbing prefabrication allows us to maximize time, minimize costs and drive quality. For our clients projects, this means a faster construction process with a focus on high standards of workmanship.

Hauling services

Queen City Mechanicals has a fleet of quad plus axle dump trucks that not only service our own projects, but are brokered out to other contractors in the Tri-State to assist in handling their hauling needs.

Our commitment and Values

Over 35 years experience

Our aim is to continuously exceed the expectations of our clients. While our experience affords us the ability to construct projects across a broad range of size & complexity, our focus on every project remains the same: providing a quality plumbing installation.

Professional Standards

Our dedicated team of management staff and union trade craftsmen will ensure that your project is professionally constructed from inception to completion.


At Queen City Mechanicals, we believe working safely is critical to the success of our people, our clients, and our projects. No detail is left to chance.

current PROJECTS

Anderson High School

$21 million dollars in Improvements to Anderson High School

Cincinnati Union Terminal

The ongoing work in the 85-year-old Art Deco icon is the first structural restoration in the building's history.

Duke Energy Project Silverhawk

Duke Energy plans to build a $60 million, nearly 140,000-square-foot operations center near the intersection of Harrison and Dry Fork roads.

Hirsch Recreation Center

This $3 million dollar project is a 17,000 SF renovation and 6,700 SF expansion, including a new HVAC system to increase energy efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Middletown High School

$96 million transformation of the Middletown High School campus.

Wild Flavors

QCM has completed several projects for WILD Flavors and continues to work with the company on multiple, ongoing projects.

Our promise as a contractor is to build community value into every project while delivering professional expertise, exceptional customers service and quality construction.

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