Carlisle PK-12 School

The new state of the art, two-story facility will have separate sections for the pre-school, kindergarten and elementary school students at one end of the building, a middle school section in the middle of the building, and the high school at the other end of the building.

In addition, the Carlisle school district’s central office will be housed there as well. The building will also have a 500-seat auditorium as well as one central kitchen that will serve meals to two separate cafeterias, one for elementary students and the other for secondary students. It will also have the latest school security features, Superintendent Larry Hook said.

Hook said the building will be able to house the current student enrollment of 1,500 and will have the ability to grow to accommodate as many as 1,800 students.

“It will create an optimal learning environment for our kids,” Hook said. “It will be a wonderful showcase for our kids and our community.”


The nearly 210,000 square-foot building is expected to be completed and ready by the fall of 2020.

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Carlisle Local School District

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