Cincinnati Public Schools (CPS) Westwood Campus Renovation

In summer 2018, Cincinnati Public Schools purchased the former Mother of Mercy High School building and its 13.71-acre campus in Westwood, envisioning opening a school with an innovative program to serve Cincinnati’s west side. A full renovation is under way on the campus, beginning with demolition of old mechanical, plumbing and electrical equipment. The school’s main 124,000-square-foot building was built in 1922, with several additions constructed over the years.

When completed, the school will have new heating, cooling and ventilation systems; new electrical wiring; new windows; new restrooms; new kitchen and lunchroom; new fire alarm system; new public-address system; new security system; and architectural improvements.


Full renovation of a 124,000-square-foot building that was built in 1922, with several additions constructed over the years.

Project details

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Cincinnati Public School District

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CMTA, Inc.

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